I am in!


Yes. I am in. got the letter of acceptance. This is great especially coming from an electrical engineering background with low GPA. I’ve tried very hard to make up for that GPA.

After the admission interview, I was waitlisted and I finally got off it after three months. Although I spent very meaningful three months during waitlist.


  • I took Coursera marketing course and received certifcation.
  • I lost 20kg form 90kg to 70kgish (FINALLY OUT OF OBESITY)
  • I organized youth science class as volunteering.

All these efforts were worth it and I am glad that I can be a part of the Rotman.

Only downside is I was really looking forward to the pre-program, but I’ve missed them all…hopefully I can catch up somehow.


2 thoughts on “I am in!

    1. Hey, Saroosh. It really really depends to be honest and unfortunately I cannot give you a specific borderline as admissions office looks at various factors to assess your candidacy and a strong GMAT alone isn’t enough, but a balance of a strong profile that demonstrates your community involvement as well as professional work experiences. I have seen cases from forums where 700+ GMATS still got dinged or waitlisted and I definitely did could not have 700+ (I however tried to make up for it from other areas and I still encourage you to aim high if possible). Please refer to the class profile of 2017 (https://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/Degrees/MastersPrograms/MBAPrograms/FullTimeMBA/StudentLife/ClassProfile) and you will notice that minimum borderline of 500 GMAT also exists. Thus, my response is higher is definitely better, but focus on your overall balance that will appeal to admissions office than just a high GMAT, as Rotman seeks those who will make the school proud and benefit the community ultimately. GMAT is a good indicator of a person’s academic excellence, but does not fully represent if he/she will benefit the school in various ways.


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