Journey to Rotman…and Robarts Library


Guess where I went today? Rotman!…well technically the library.

As I’ve mentioned before, being a Rotman MBA student means you’re also a part of the proud University of Toronto and also have all the access to its resources just the same way all the other undergraduates and graduates do (am I saying something too obvious? :p)

While visiting Robarts library was not my first time as I used to study here and meet my research professor during my undergraduate at U of Waterloo (WE GOT A SPY!), and although I’ve seen the CN Tower probably more than thousands of time as I’m local, it felt completely different in a sense that I will be doing prestigious Rotman MBA and that I am going back to school. Also, I have a lot of friends from U of T and always wondered what the school life is like being in Toronto.

2014-08-22 13.44.47 Check out the view of the CN Tower.

2014-08-22 13.45.45 2014-08-22 13.47.19 2014-08-22 14.17.38 cardfix

Creating a Tcard was a piece of cake. You just go to the 2nd floor Tcard office with your photo ID (government issued) with your student number provided in the admission letter/package. Then they take your photo with a DSLR camera, and you get your card in less than a minute!

I was pretty impressed. Also, I took the advice of Tcard office that it’s recommended to visit early in August to avoid the massive lineup in September. I also noticed an NFC chip embedded in it, which I thought was pretty interesting. Soon I’ll find out what this is for.

After creating my ID, I went downstairs, grabbed one of the free computers and started activating my UTORid, something that you use commonly for various purposes at U of T including wireless access. Fast wireless. Office 2013 on every computer. savvy.

I didn’t get a chance to create TTC student ID (for metropass discount) and visit the athletic centre yet, but considering how it only takes 30min to get to Rotman, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy my life here even though I’m local Canadian.



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