Your Go-to Social Media Places for Preparing Your Rotman Applications



Most of prospective applicants should already know that the 2015 Rotman MBA application cycle has started. With about slightly more than two months away until the first round 1 deadline of November 3 approaching, here are the social media places where you will receive a lot of great information and enhance the quality of your application. My suggestion? Bookmark all of them listed below and have them as your default homepage(s) throughout the year. From my personal experience, it is difficult or nigh impossible to find an MBA which utilizes the power of social media to educate and inform prospective applicants with the most accurate and helpful decisions better any other than Rotman. The Rotman admission team actively uses SNS as a communication medium and I strongly encourage you to read all the posts and even connect with them.

1. Rotman Admission Blog

Managed by the official Rotman admission team, you will not find any better up-to-date information and feedback to search other than Rotman’s own admission blog. This is where I also started my research, read all the previous blog posts, got myself acquainted with the admission team in advance.

2. Rotman MBA Admissions Facebook Page

Always up-to-date with the latest information ranging from knowledge, studies, interviews, and daily MBA lives, Rotman Facebook page is something which you should really like to see what they’re up to. They also post various events for prospective students to see (and current), so please visit 🙂

3. Rotman School Twitter

It is also always up to date and filled with informational, and entertaining tweets.

4. gmatclub Rotman Class of 2017 Thread

If you’re studying GMAT, you most likely know gmatclub as well. How does gmatclub come inside the picture of this post? This is a great place to meet prospective students of similar (and very different) backgrounds in similar situations as you, looking into applying for Rotman. Most importantly, Rotman Admission Team also often drops by and help answering questions. 


This is what I have so far. Stay tuned for the next update on admission tips and preparing for your application.





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