First week of Rotman



 The first week of Rotman has finally ended. It was just first week, literally, but was already full of action. 

2014-09-02 11.58.04

It was great to see new undergraduates coming in. Reminded me of my frosh year 9 years ago.

2014-09-02 14.14.47

Almighty engineers

2014-09-03 10.20.04 2014-09-04 13.43.43

Very first GBC party. Due to unexpected bad weather with rain and thunder, I had no choice, but to skip.

2014-09-05 06.41.38 2014-09-07 10.32.19 2014-09-07 10.37.41 2014-09-07 10.57.59

Welcome to Yonge Street.

2014-09-07 12.01.45 2014-09-07 19.51.03 2014-09-07 19.51.07 2014-09-07 19.55.32


So this was the recap of my first week in photos, and this is what I think about my first week.

Here’s what I found was different from undergraduate

1. Teamwork

Most of the assignments are group work and due to a lot of deadlines coming ahead, you have to be extremely organized, but also continue to communicate with your group members. Emphasis on collaboration and integrative thinking are definitely pluses because unlike classrooms, real world out there is totally different with various unknown variables. It is great that Rotman curriculum allows you to prepare for it in advance. Yet of course, this means it might not be as appealing if you prefer solo work.

2. Professionalism

You are now a representative and an embodiment of your school. This, of course, was emphasized in undergraduate, but you don’t really know because you are too young and haven’t experienced the significant of networking yet. Once you starting going to a business school, every action and word you make and speak means something and will leave a print. 

3. Old

Seeing these new frosh students excitedly running around the St. George campus, it really makes me feel old.

Of course, this is meant to be a joke.




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