Clubs Kickoff


2014-09-16 16.21.07 2014-09-16 23.16.28

2014-09-17 17.15.38 2014-09-17 19.31.42I won a t-shirt during raffle for the first time. Free tshirt! I am starting to love BDC even more haha!

So, many Rotman clubs started their kick-offs this week. No, they’re not typical undergraduate clubs. They are embodiments of Rotman school body and have various workshops as well as chances to directly talk to prospective employers. Clubs are big deals at Rotman and to manage both school and clubs, about 1-2 clubs should suffice. 

These are what I’ve joined so far:

  1. Business Design Club
  2. Marketing Association
  3. Engineers in Management
  4. Business Technology Group

Perhaps you’ve noticed that all my clubs are focused towards design and technology focused. It is because in my case, I personally wanted to pursue a career in technology. There are various Rotman clubs that allow you to specialize in certain career path (such as what I did above) to strengthen your experiences and resume even further on top of adding ‘MBA Candidate’ beside your name. 

But of course, these are also supposed to be fun, so let’s not forget that.


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