BDC – Portfolio Workshop


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I attended a portfolio workshop hosted by Business Design club today. Competing against thousands of MBA students with the entire world, you need more than your resume and coverletter to express yourself, and that’s where protfolios come in especially if you’re into design consulting.

I do have a portfolio, but wasn’t that high quality, and luckily I managed to get some nice feedback that I can use to fix my portfolio.

I hope to end my blog post with a photo of Toronto.


Personal Trainer exam


2014-10-29 23.03.03

so actually alongside the MBA studies, I am studying for personal trainer exam in December as a side. I can basically only read when I’m in the subway, but it’s been a good read so far. As I always mention in my blog writings, I used to be very overweight and I’ve sworn myself never to go back to that time.

Remember. Studies and career are important, but health is the top priority.



2014-10-27 13.01.31

Foundation term GPA is out. I didn’t do so bad, but not so good either. Wherever you go, there are smarter people. I am impressed. So much to learn. But I have to remember that all this process of learning is what I so much wanted to do. It’s happy kind of tiredness. Storm of case competitions, exams, and assignments are coming. Must be ready.

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After three years of unhealthy life in the US, I have sworn myself never to go back to such routine again when I started MBA this September. I am taking my personal training exam in December, 3 days after my term 1 final. Health is important to me. Very important. If you’re healthy, you can always get back even when you fail, but you can’t get back when you’re sick and at that point, money or any kind of wealth can’t make you any happy.

Happy Diwali


2014-10-23 14.03.42 2014-10-23 14.03.48 2014-10-23 14.03.51 2014-10-23 14.09.20 2014-10-23 14.15.19

One of the main strengths of Rotman comes from its diversity and when we speak of diversity, we mean it in terms of class distribution and the number of events supported at Rotman. Recently, I had a chance to try samosas and sugar cakes (sorry not sure about the actual name), and it was amazing, also very sweet.

Days at Rotman


2014-10-19 16.59.39 2014-10-20 17.59.49 2014-10-20 19.25.25

Third week of term 1 has started and let me tell you. It’s hard!

There’s so much work to do and you always have to be on the loop. Of course we’re not kids anymore, and great studies and opportunities come with great responsibilities, so I’m actually trying to enjoy my challenges.

I’m working as some of the club 1st year representatives and participating in as many events as possible. I recently played Mafia game and also watched mayoral debate. Lot of stuff going on.