Last final exam


DSC00007 DSC00041

It felt like just a few days ago when I was attending the orientation week at Rotman, and before realizing, I am already having my very last final exam of the first term: Foundation Term.

The foundation term is basically, well, foundation. It’s one month intensive study month that teaches you in the areas of data-driven decision making processes, ethics as a business person, and economics at a managerial level, to help students prepare for the upcoming serious courses. For that reason, course credit weights are indeed half those of Term 1 courses that start this October.

My thoughts so far on the courses:

-review materials and prepare for next ones as much as possible. It does get difficult with group projects and meetings, but I think at least keep studying and refreshing them little by little every day is better than cramming before the exam.

Hopefully, I can do well on the exam tomorrow and share some more thoughts soon.


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