CIBC Run for the Cure


2014-10-05 09.32.55-1 2014-10-05 10.00.52 2014-10-05 10.00.53 2014-10-05 10.16.28 2014-10-05 10.16.29 2014-10-05 10.40.06 2014-10-05 11.00.23 2014-10-05 11.17.00

Some of you might have been wondering, ‘why is this guy not posting any single stuff about fitness after creating a section about it?’

Well, here I am now haha finally. Although exams just ended last week, I tried to keep myself busy and active. Friday, exam and bottle-based decision making. Saturday REVCA (entrepreneurship) workshop, and Sunday CIBC Run for the Cure as well as volunteering meeting.

CIBC Run for the Cure raises funds for the women’s breast cancer research and it is one of the most well known Canadian charity events. While I’ve ran various running events including 16km Bronx run in New York, this was my very first CIBC run.

Although weather just had to get cold on the very day I decided to run, I made to finish it in 30 minutes, which I was pretty much satisfied with.


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