REVCA Entrepreneurship Workshop


2014-10-06 22.27.30

After ‘Bottle-Based Decision Making’ night (ask other first year students for what it is), I still decided to go for the REVCA’s entrepreneurship workshop.

Held by Rotman Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Association, I luckily had a chance to attend their all-day Saturday workshop. Originally, it costs a lot of money to attend these kinds of workshops, so it was definitely a privilege.

We talk about the word ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’ very often, but when we are asked what they mean, we stutter. Does it mean to come up with a totally new outrageous idea, or is it bringing existing ideas into a tangible product? There are various definitions, but this workshop was a great way to exercise it.

Throughout the workshop, we had a chance to exercise creativity.

I was surprised by the results that came out from the workshop and I learned how important it is to think outside the box and break the conventions. We were not like this when we were kids, just that as world is taught in a way of yes/no boolean world, we started to forget how to think openly.

For example, how many ways can we come up with using a brick to do something?

At first, you might wonder.

Well, here’s my list.





-door holder

-window crasher

-put it in toilet to save water

-make you look tall



-car stopper

Haha, yes when you initially look at the list, you might think it is kind of silly, but that’s the whole point.

You have to continue to pull out ideas openly without brakes. Do not ‘kill’ brainstorming sessions and great ideas with words such as ‘but’ and ‘can’t happen’.

Rotman offers various workshops held by clubs and personally, I loved this session.


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