Finance and Rotman scholars


2014-11-20 12.39.55 2014-11-20 12.39.57

Nope. I never learned finance ever in my life until I came to Rotman. This is why I got really frustrated when this term started because I was certain I was reading English and listening to English, but still didn’t understand what it meant. You know how when you are reading the same textbook lines over and over without realizing that you are not really absorbing.

After the midterm exam was over, I decided to do something which I haven’t done before: visit a teaching assistant. To be more specific, they are called Rotman scholars, 2nd year Rotman students who are experts in the subject.

Of course you might think, “meh I can study on my own.” Believe me. even listening to them for 10minutes clarify so much stuff that you didn’t know before. I was having trouble with hedging and stock cashflows and after scholar session, I was cleared…well at least I have to practice again, but now I understood. There is tons of resources available at Rotman. You just have to approach it first.


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