My blog Percentage of visitors by country



First of all, thank you for all the interest in pursuing graduate studies in MBA as well as the Rotman School of Management. I have received a lot of feedback, questions and positive comments, and that gives me a motivation to continue recording my days, advice, and thoughts that can hopefully be passed down to the next generation of MBA students in the world as a whole. Past three months have taught me, and reassured me with certainty that MBA education brings significant benefits to everyone, whether hoping to understand more about how organization works as a whole, wants to learn how to assess your business position in industries, and also meet next generations of global leaders who will all become a part of, ultimately, making the world a greater place to live for everyone.

It’s Friday night, and this is a perfect time to run some stats summary on my blog visitors by country. While I won’t get into details, I was surprised to see blog visits also come from many other various countries other than Canada and the USA. Considering how Rotman brings competitive advantage and benefits to international MBA students, this makes sense (I won’t try to run hypothesis test on this. I was at school for more than 12 hours straight).

My point is, it’s happy to see that many people are visiting my blog, and I hope that the contents I bring hopefully can benefit you.


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