Scotiabank Credit Committee Simulation and Networking Event 2014


2014-11-20 16.33.21

2014-11-20 16.53.18

2014-11-20 19.18.26


Today, 1st year Rotman students had a great simulation event hosted by Scotiabank, one of Canada’s best and largest banks. Attended by entire Rotman 1st year students, the goal of an exercise was to come up with a suggestion based on a given scenario.

Initially, I was very overwhelmed because I am basically taking my first baby steps with accounting this term, and they were giving us cases, so I thought it was going to be a very difficult and stressful session.

On the contrary, the event was, I have to say, very enjoyable. The case did not just involve numbers, but was built based on scenarios and stories that we could read and understand from using five Cs of credit. This reminded me of strategy classes: assessing competitors, suppliers, threats, etc. This allowed non-accountants such as myself to become more engaged and actually participate in decision making process. Moreover, the event was very adequately timed in a way that it’s not too long or short and ran very smoothly without many problems. I don’t intend to sugarcoat anything in my blog, but I really was impressed the amount of support and enthusiasm I received from Scotiabank and the event hosted by Rotman.


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