Finals ahead



(yes I drew that. I love drawing.)

I have to admit. MBA is tough. or it could be Rotman, but I have no data to compare relatively to other schools, so I will never know (I don’t think I will be doing another MBA at other school of course haha). Coming from electrical engineering, I thought I am pretty good at digging in and studying, but turns out I am not as good as I thought. Before you realize, you are already behind your studies due to group work and various school events which you must not miss.

I have to admit that I wasn’t always on track, but I have felt a need for the following:

1. Time Management

you really have to keep push yourself to get things done quick and fast.

2. Organization

There is just too much information to gather, collect and keep in track of.

3. Health

I literally can;t think if I sleep after 1am. After participating in one competition, I had to end up keep sleeping after 1-2am and that put me in a vicious cycle I couldn’t get out of.

I have to tell you, however. I knew it won’t be easy. What to do then?

You have to overcome your fears. Face it and fight, overcome what scares you.

More thoughts you put into things, more you become cautious and anxious. It gets worse when others’ inputs blind you from achieving your personal goal.

“Work on things as if you’re the master of the world, but listen to suggestions as if you have never done it before.”


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