Lego Workshop


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LEGO workshop in LPO class. It was a good exercise to learn and feel about process improvement (aka lean six sigma) and how to communicate better.

Experiences, experiences, experiences.


Rotman Problem Solving Challenge 2015



EDIT: Deadline for submission for this year’s RPSC2015 has been passed. Good luck all the participants!

This year’s RPSC2015 is back!

It’s an event hosted by Rotman MBA to encourage both prospective and admitted students to be engaged, have fun, and also get to know more about Rotman. Especially if you are aiming to apply in later rounds, perhaps competing in this challenge can also help improve your applications (just my personal thoughts as I was a late applicant). I personally also competed, and it was an interesting experience.

What Silicon Valley taught me


It’s been awhile! Sorry about the late post. I have been very busy and been working on a variety of things. Term 2 is a particularly busy season for many reasons:

1. Interviews, interviews, interviews

Your summer internship is at stake.

2. Rearrangement of thoughts

It’s a new year. Term 1 burned me out a bit. I needed time to recharge myself.

But I have some interesting news to share. I was at Silicon Valley last week as a part of the school technology career trek, thanks to Rotman. Now about SF, I actually lived in Palo Alto for 3 months, and did get to go to Golden Gate Bridge, but never had a chance to properly look around SF. In many ways, this was an exciting opportunity and rearrange all the personal thoughts and about my career.

Day 1

DSC01080 DSC01034 DSC01130

After arriving in SF, we Rotmanites gathered up and got on a bus tour of SF. As I never had a chance to try these kinds of buses before, it was awesome. Kinda chilly, but definitely worth it as well as the interesting audio guide, which was followed by meeting with alumnis for advices and networking.

Day 2

Our official day of the trek began with a tour of the famous Google.

Great campus although it might have been better if we visited during lunch time to see its liveliness.


DSC01249 DSC01247

DSC01271DSC01235   DSC01298

Google is one thing, but of course there is Mozilla Firefox. Greeted by such kind people, we had a great Q/A session. What really got me was the top floor with a great view. It was a feeling hard to describe. So wide, so clean, so…well I am not sure how to describe it. as if it opened my mind up literally.

Day 3

DSC01337 DSC01354 DSC01376 DSC01378 DSC01393 DSC01422 DSC01351 DSC01379 DSC01160

Twitter, and various companies. It was all about meeting great new and old friends.

Day 4

DSC01581 DSC01703


After ending the tour with EA, I visited my old friend at Apple and had dinner together.

As you probably might have noticed, my blogs are more about photos with descriptive feelings and facts than a lot of implications or in-depth thoughts. It is because I enjoy capturing moments and not everything needs to have a meaning and purpose. You just accept it as is.

I was confused and worried in many ways before the trip.

School is one thing, but it’s ok it’s all about the effort. But there is also personal relationships, situations, careers, and motivation to worry about.

Ever since joining Rotman, I haven’t regretted a single moment of it as it already has provided me with so many opportunities so far that I could not attain before, but even with effort, some things are just difficult to work out and personal relationships are such things.

What visiting SF taught me was not just about new startups, or tech bubbles, or great tech companies I could be a part of and be rich. It made me realize that while I am meddled with such small details and think negatively about my small problems, there are people on the other side who are all also equally and working harder to achieve their goals and survive in their own ways. World is wide and there are tons of opportunities. It brought me out of comfort zone once more and now I am more than certain that the thoughts and emotions that I feel are just temporary, a milestone in order to improve and grow more.

While I don’t want to bore you out reading all these cliche about self-enlightenment, I do want to leave you with one takeaway.

When in doubt, travel.