Life these days


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Almost half of MBA is finally coming to an end. I still have the intensive Capstone remaining which started this week, but things have been ok so far.

I also recently found my engineering ring again (lucky). Must not forget where I started.

I noticed that Rotman Problem Solving Challenge was taking place today. I noticed it’s already been a year since I attended RPSC2014. Interesting memories. Time passes.


Days pass by


2015-03-02 13.28.43

Winter is perhaps one of the most brutal or discouraging season for many including myself. Distance from the school makes commuting more difficult and makes me feel lazier with commute, but things have been alright.

There are strikes going on and final exams are coming.

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2015-03-04 14.32.41

I do have to talk about the beer game which I had a chance to play recently. Created by a group of professors from MIT, the game is meant to demonstrate importance of communication, reaction to variability in inventory and decisions are important in bringing costs down. It was pretty interesting how what started simple starts to become more complicated as backorder kicks in.