Do not forget Sewol Ferry tragedy



Today marks the first anniversary of South Korea’s MV Sewol tragedy, the worst ferry disaster in South Korean history.  294 deaths. 10 missing. Innocent young lives gone. Since 2008, all my volunteering was about making kids happy. They teach you something you never realize when your lives become more dull and systematic, robotic adults. While I do not want to make any pretentious comments, I was in mixed feelings when I heard this news last year.

We are usually too busy with work, schools, and many other things that we often take what surrounds us too much for granted.  Our eyes, arms, legs, families, everything. what we always thought to exist obviously suddenly disappears out of thin air.

Ultimately, as a business student, how can we improve everyone’s lives? healthcare, IT, business, consulting, anything. In the end, we need to focus on who ultimately smiles and if your time spent on it was worth your time and those that you love.

Appreciate. Give. Stay humble.

*The music was a tribute which Jae-suk Yoo personally selected to be played on radio broadcast in memory of various people who left.


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