First Summer of MBA


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The following pictures perfectly describe what I’ve been up to these days. MBA is an extremely valuable tool in your career, no doubt, just that it is also a difficult process that requires devotion, time, and thoughts.

Past weeks have been about designing my fulltime job application plan, searching for internship leads, studying for certifications, and resting.

To those coming into Rotman this September, enjoy your summer, like really enjoy it before coming. You will miss it.

To my friends, enjoy to the fullest.


What the end of 1st year MBA means


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The first year of MBA has finally come to an end. While the work was very difficult in every way, it was also very meaningful. After the celebration in Fleck Atrium (main hall), everyone left. All that remained was emptiness. It seems like yesterday when I was excited over acceptance, and before realizing, you know that you only have a year left until you are out in the wild again. In fact, starting MBA was already stepping into wild of its own preparing for more that’s to come.  I slowly walked around the classroom and exited the building.

What do I really want to do? The question is something which I must continuously struggle to answer.