Interested in Rotman?




So finally half of 2nd year MBA is done, and I just said hi to Rotman forum on, but I was like I might as well say the same stuff here as well.

Greetings, everyone. This is Josh, class of 2016 and currently in my 2nd year Rotman MBA student. I just finished my Fall term and just wanted to say hi. gmatclub helped me tremendously with my gmat and understanding more about MBAs in overall.
Congratulations to everyone who got in, and congratulations to those who are considering MBA as well even if it might not be Rotman.
In terms of school experiences, there are abundant resources to get you familiarized with Rotman.
1. Student blogs
Yes, we have current student blogs who write their school experiences and I have one too, which was featured on gmatclub as well.

2. Ambassadors
Many current MBA students have volunteered their time to help incoming students with advice about Rotman and MBA.
You can sort by field of interest and send them an email for questions.

I am considering of doing a podcast on this lol.

If you have any questions, I’m also more than happy to answer them by email or through my blog.