1st Year Fulltime Rotman MBA Candidate in the beautiful city of Toronto.

Korean Canadian.

Love running, weightlifting, eating. It’s all about enjoying life and finding what you truly need to appreciate in life.

Engineer with huge interest in how to see the picture as a whole in a more creative and efficient way

Here is how you can look around my blog and get some great information about the life at Rotman 🙂

tips on browsing my page

About – Just about who I am.

Study – This is where most of the blogging about daily lives and studies at Rotman will happen.

Did you know? – Along with the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto as well as the city of Toronto have a lot to explore with various professional, academic, and fun opportunities. This section hopefully serves as an useful guide going forth.

Food – While it might sound silly, I enjoy taking photos of the food I eat and the tradition will continue 🙂

Admission – Starting from the admission seminar to getting in, I am going to post tips on how to prepare, while it won’t serve as a royal road with direct access to Rotman, and how to get ready as objective as possible based on the admission advice by the Rotman admission team and my preparation. I was as frustrated as you are (if not, good for you!) especially applying with an engineering background, and hopefully I can at least make you more comfortable with preparation.

Fitness – My personal goal is to stay fit and try to exercise at least once every day and I hope to share any advice on exercise and nutrition with everyone. It’s my personal side goal to become a personal trainer someday.


Do not hesitate to ask me any questions about Rotman in the form below and I’ll do my best to answer them.




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