Goodlife half-marathon completed


2015-05-03 08.23.07 2015-05-03 10.55.21

I started running back in 2005. I finally conquered what seemed impossible.

Not sure when I would be able to do full marathon, but this will do for now.


Passion for running


2015-04-19 09.03.19

2015-04-19 10.16.05 2015-04-20 17.19.51

I started running as a cross country team member since highshcool and what’s really awesome about running is that…you never get bored of it!

I participated in 10k runs numerous times in New York, but it was first time in Canada. Great experience definitely except I didn’t realize how I lost all my running thing. I used to do it under 48 minutes and now it took me 52 minutes.

guess what I’m doing half marathon next week but I also have a final exam as well as capstone projects. It will be tough…but fun.

First time snowboarding


2015-01-10 15.36.23 2015-01-10 18.34.41 2014-11-23 19.56.26 2015-01-10 16.28.05

One of the main accomplishments that I recently made is that I finally snowboarded for the first time in my life, or first winter sports ever.

The last time I remember was in grade 8 when we were going on a ski trip and I had to back out the last minute because I suddenly got sick.

I fell so many times, but it was at the same time very exciting and something which I hope to try longer hopefully later on.

Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport


Photography of University of Toronto's new sports centre. October 2014.

Finally, I had a chance to go to the new Goldring centre right beside Rotman building today. It’s also a part of an initiative for the Pan Am 2015.

First impressions:

1. Awesome NEW building. WOW.

They even got dyson airblade in the change rooms with private shower stalls.

2. kilos for weights

I found it very awkward using dumbbells that have kilograms written instead of pounds (lb). Perhaps it is because to allow international sportsmen to use them at ease. They do have a conversion chart on the wall, but I had a hard time getting used to it.

3. Fat dumbbell grip

Also something that I felt uncomfortable although it gives a better performance from my understanding.

So far, not many people know about this place, but once it gets crowded, who knows how it might end up? but now that we got an exercise facility right beside our school building, it’s time to exercise!

Personal Trainer exam


2014-10-29 23.03.03

so actually alongside the MBA studies, I am studying for personal trainer exam in December as a side. I can basically only read when I’m in the subway, but it’s been a good read so far. As I always mention in my blog writings, I used to be very overweight and I’ve sworn myself never to go back to that time.

Remember. Studies and career are important, but health is the top priority.



2014-10-25 11.52.26

2014-10-25 19.23.34

After three years of unhealthy life in the US, I have sworn myself never to go back to such routine again when I started MBA this September. I am taking my personal training exam in December, 3 days after my term 1 final. Health is important to me. Very important. If you’re healthy, you can always get back even when you fail, but you can’t get back when you’re sick and at that point, money or any kind of wealth can’t make you any happy.

Paintball – Rotman Gaming Club


2014-10-12 12.10.24 2014-10-12 12.21.37 2014-10-12 12.21.56 2014-10-12 12.30.56 2014-10-12 12.32.56 10680080_10101021227165597_9030622986485526560_o

For the first time in my life, I got to play paintball (did I tell everyone that I became a first year representative for the Rotman Gaming Club? haha).

Although it took me two hours just to get there, I wanted to show my support as a first year rep, but most importantly, I never played one before and wanted to experience.

Here’s what I thought.

1. Real shooting is nowhere close to Call of Duty or Counter Strike :p

2. Just after two games, you find yourself panting really hard. It’s probably just me.

3. I definitely need to wear contacts to play this.

Other than that, it was a great exercise and fun shooting paintballs (and getting hit which stings a lot…)

CIBC Run for the Cure


2014-10-05 09.32.55-1 2014-10-05 10.00.52 2014-10-05 10.00.53 2014-10-05 10.16.28 2014-10-05 10.16.29 2014-10-05 10.40.06 2014-10-05 11.00.23 2014-10-05 11.17.00

Some of you might have been wondering, ‘why is this guy not posting any single stuff about fitness after creating a section about it?’

Well, here I am now haha finally. Although exams just ended last week, I tried to keep myself busy and active. Friday, exam and bottle-based decision making. Saturday REVCA (entrepreneurship) workshop, and Sunday CIBC Run for the Cure as well as volunteering meeting.

CIBC Run for the Cure raises funds for the women’s breast cancer research and it is one of the most well known Canadian charity events. While I’ve ran various running events including 16km Bronx run in New York, this was my very first CIBC run.

Although weather just had to get cold on the very day I decided to run, I made to finish it in 30 minutes, which I was pretty much satisfied with.