Clubs Fair…once again from last year…except that I’m on the other side of a table


It was just about a year ago when I posted my excitement about attending the Rotman clubs fair and how I had no idea what each club was.

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and before realizing, I am now already a 2nd year and I am now where they were on the other side of the table!



2nd years had a welcome-back brunch and had chances to catch up.




There was a feeling of nostalgia when I was quietly walking inside the empty Desautels Hall. Sometimes there is so much excitement here and sometimes it’s quiet. So much time had been put into this by all the 2nd year students.


and all of a sudden, the hall is jam packed.


Some snacks we gave out as Rotman Health and Wellness club.


At least in the present, you might be thinking what the value of clubs is, but perhaps after a few years, maybe 5 or 10, or even 20, when you recollect your memories from MBA, it is my hope that you have something to take away from and can say that you were very busy, but learned a lot through clubs.

Join the club.